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"Little People in Ranelagh", Sculpture/photography project, Ranelagh, Dublin.

This project was a real treat. 

The inspiration for it came from "Little People in the City", - a compact book of absorbing  photographs of tiny, painted handmade models of people by the urban artist Slinkachu.

Slinkachu is a London-based artist whose creations can be found in doorways and cracks in the pavement across the capital.

"Mixing sharp humour with a delicious edge of melancholy, Little People in the City brings together the collected photographs of Slinkachu, a street-artist who for several years has been leaving little hand-painted people in the bustling city to fend for themselves, waiting to be discovered…
Oddly enough, even when you know they are just hand-painted figurines, you can’t help but feel that their plights convey something of our own fears about being lost and vulnerable in a big, bad city.” The Times.

We loved his work, and ran a sculpty/photographic workshop based on this theme as part of Ranelagh Arts Festival 2012, which we culminated in a window group exhibition of some of our completed pieces. Enjoy !

"From a distance"

"Safe in Invisibility on Mountpleasant Square"

"The Divide"


"The long, road home"
Maria O Reilly

"At the school gates"
Maria O Reilly

"Rosa Parks enjoying her"seat" during Ranelagh Arts Festival"
Siobhain Nic Chumhaill

"Rosa Parks"
Siobhain Nic Chumhaill

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